Our Story

As a working mother turned entrepreneur, I founded Tullahay Farm to fulfil my goal of introducing liquid whey to the Irish Market. My grandmother recognised the powerful properties of this natural drink and we drank it daily for its health benefits. Liquid whey is more hydrating than water with its mineral content, contains all the essential amino acids and is loaded with gut friendly bacteria, vitamins and minerals.

Our brand Tullahay Farm was founded with the mission to create great tasting, nutritious and delicious Irish dairy products using the very best raw materials. Our products are handmade in small batches using the milk from our own closed herd of cows and all-natural ingredients.


We are luckily in Ireland’s Golden Vale, the best pastureland in Ireland for farming.

This quality is evident in our cheese and whey products. It is our land, our farm and the generations our family have spent farming it that make our products great.

We produce soft cheeses and liquid whey drinks in our purpose built production unit on our farm in Co. Tipperary, located at the foot of Slievenamon.

As a mom of three, Tullahay Farm is a family run business, where we are all very much involved in farming. I find farming with my husband Jim very rewarding and we all enjoy helping out with milking the cows. I enjoy walking the farm before breakfast each morning, listening to bird song and watching the animals interactions. Milking our cows morning and evening brings you very close to them. You build a bond with the animals and that gratitude is in every drop of milk we use.