We are the first brand on the Irish market to sell whey in its liquid form. I was raised drinking whey to help with digestion. It always surprised me that there was no liquid whey drink brand in Ireland, considering we are known for our dairy products. After years of listening to friends complain about feeling tired and digestive issues I thought “Why is no one selling liquid Whey and helping aid these issues”. So as the old saying goes “If you want something done right do it yourself”.

The health benefits of our drinks which contain 75% natural liquid whey, our sustainable production on-site using a waste product, and our provenance using milk from our closed herd.

Mango & Passion Fruit

Blas na hEireann finalist 2020.

Refreshing Whey drink with tropical fruit flavours. Enjoy improving your gut bacteria while relishing the taste of Mango and Passion Fruit.

Containing all the essential amino acids, good bacteria, calcium and easily digested protein. It aids digestion and is great for rehydrating after a tough workout.

Irish Apple Juice

We are proud to introduce our new flavour “Irish Apple Juice,” using locally sourced apples from Con Trass’s Apple Farm Cahir.

Containing all the same essential amino acids, good bacteria, calcium, and easily digested protein as our Mango & Passion Fruit, Irish Apple Juice is a delicious addition to our Whey Better Range.

Pick it up in-store today and support two local and Irish brands! #winning